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Webinar – Transforming the urban transportation system

juni 2 @ 13:00 - 15:30


This webinar aims to inspire to how to create a transition in the urban transport system through a scientific theoretical framework and a practical, modern example from the Belgian city Ghent. Professor Marco te Brömmelstroet from the University of Amsterdam will present his latest research on how to create a transition for a more livable city with less environmental impact. The transformation of the city of Ghent through a circulation plan will be presented by the Deputy Mayor of Ghent, Filip Watteeuw.   

The Swedish Cycling Research Centre (Cykelcentrum) hosts the event in collaboration with The Urban Cycling Institute, Amsterdam, and the network Cycling Knowledge Europe. 

After an introduction by PhD Anna Niska, Director of the Swedish Cycling Research Centre we will be listenting to the following presentations:

  • Why was John Lennon in Bed with a Bicycle? Professor Marco Te Brömmelstroet, University of Amsterdam 
  • How to Ghentify your city, Deputy Mayor Filip Watteeuw, city of Ghent 
  • What makes change possible? A panel discussion with representatives from the network Cycling Knowledge Europe and The Urban Cycling Institute 

Program and registration.