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Webinar – Cyclists interacting with self-driving buses – hypotheses and empirical findings in real traffic

Torkel Bjørnskau från Transportøkonomisk institutt, TØI, i Norge presenterar projektet ”Autobus” via länk 21 februari 2020, kl 09.00-10.00.

ANMÄL DIG till cykelcentrum@vti.se senast 20 februari.

Self-driving vehicles are entering the traffic system and development is fast. Still, we will have a fairly long transition period where self-driving vehicles must interact with traditional vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists in regular traffic.

The main purpose of the project ”Autobus” is to study the interaction between self-driving buses and regular road users in three different test areas: Forus, Kongsberg and in Oslo. Torkel Bjørnskau will present the results from that study.