Doktorandporträtt – Rebecca Karstens Brandt, Technical University of Denmark, DTU

Porträttbild av Rebecca Karstens Brandt. Foto.
Rebecca Karstens Brandt, DTU. Foto: Flemming Jørgensen

Research area: Cyclist safety and behaviours

Investigating cyclists’ performance of secondary tasks while riding.

In my project, I work on cyclists’ use of phones in traffic. This type of distraction is performed by the cyclits’ themselves. This makes the problem different from other external distractors, but also gives an opportunity to address the cyclist’s behaviour, if underlying factors behind the practice can be revealed. My main objective is to explore how material characteristics and the law affect risk perception and behaviours among cyclists in Denmark and The Netherlands.

•Which factors contribute to the performance of secondary tasks while cycling?

•What are the attitudes towards cyclists’ multitasking using mobile devices, and how is the behaviour perceived amongst different subgroups of cyclists?

•Where and when does the practice of using mobile devices while cycling take place?

•How do different types of contexts, interpersonal dynamics and culture enhance or reduce risk-taking behaviours amongst cyclists?

As part of the studies, influence from individual factors such as demography, social norms, riding experience and type of bike are taken into account. These are supplemented by deeper insights about the conceptualization of risk-taking behaviours as legitimate or illegitimate, the concept of other cyclists, social motives for risk-taking behaviour and the influence of spatial context.

Dissertation year: December 2021

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